The #1 reason why you’re unhappy in your job

Another year over, and you’re still in the same boring, uninspiring job.

You wake up in the morning with zero motivation. Maybe you’ve simply accepted that’s how life is: you can’t have fun all the time. You think that work is just a plain obligation so you can eat and pay your bills. And that not everyone can afford to be happy at work or live off their passion, provided we all have one…

You feel lost and disappointed. But at least, you’re surviving.

Yet deep down, you just feel that things could be different. You want to believe that you can find work that makes more sense to you or a project that sparks the light in you, even if you’re unsure where to start.

Somehow, you still hope for change.

It all starts with one simple question:

How many more years of your beautiful life are you going to waste in a job that bores you?

When we’re unhappy, it comes down to the relationship between two things in our lives that we often overlook: our time and our expectations.


Time is our most precious currency: we can never get it back.

Losing time, not making the most of our time, taking too much time, not having enough time… time makes us inherently unhappy. It’s the basis for everything we do. Yet we forget that it is limited. We live with this idea that we have all the time in the world to do what’s important for us. So we leave things for later. And often the most important things.

To me, the awareness that time is precious is the starting point for creating more fulfillment at work. It’s a reality that we must feel in our bones: we spend 80,000 hours working, isn’t it too long to be unhappy?

Now the question is: how can we spend this time more meaningfully?


A famous french artist once said:

“humans are unhappy because they don’t commit to their dreams”

Society doesn’t encourage us enough to look at what we truly want out of life. It’s a big question, a daunting one that we often don’t know how to answer because we never took the time to think about it.

We self-sabotage ourselves by believing that what we want has nothing to do with the reality of life. When actually, it has everything to do with it!

Early on, we are pushed to choose a career path to pay our bills and to fit in a system, which is a fair pursuit. It’s the “outside-in” concept: we choose a box and comply with what’s expected of us. This way of doing things feeds our bellies, yet sometimes to the expense of our mental and physical health.

But it doesn’t feed our souls.

What if we looked at it the other way round?

What if we started with your expectations and what’s important to you? How would that make you feel? Wouldn’t you be happier and more motivated if the time you spent working was aligned with what you love doing and what you value most in life?

Because from a young age we’ve been told that “doing what you love and being paid for it” doesn’t exist, or that it’s only for a select few, the “luckiest” ones, we simply don’t believe it’s possible.

When, actually, it is.

Fulfillment at work is an inner job: the “inside-out” concept. It starts with you, who you are, your values, your dreams, and the desires you have in life, so you can then embody this message in your work and create a unique career path that reflects the way you want to impact the world.

Instead of conforming to external expectations, you commit to your own inner world of expectations. So you can start building a career in which your time is spent meeting your life outcomes.

Unhappiness at work comes from your time not meeting your current expectations of what life is all about for you, of what is truly important to you and what impact you want your life to have.

The good news is: it’s never too late to change.

As you leave 2019 behind, it’s the perfect moment to start thinking of how you want to spend your time, and what this means to you.

You can start by exploring these 3 simple but powerful questions :

1. When I think of my ideal day 6 months from now, what do I see? What do I hear? What’s around me? Who am I with? What am I doing?

Don’t hesitate to go deep with this one and explore in detail each layer of your ideal day, hour by hour, looking at your whole environment (where, what, with whom, why, when).

2. What impact do I want to have on a daily basis, one that will make me feel proud and grateful when I go to bed at night?

3. If my life embodied one message, which one would I want people to remember?

Allow your true voice to speak, and see what comes up for you — there are no right or wrong answers, there is simply your truth.

And your happiness. What is it worth?

About me

Hi there! I’m Marion and I’m a French Career Fulfillment Coach based in London.

I’m an Engineer by background. After feeling bored and understimulated in my initial career, I decided to change for a job that aligned with the true impact I wanted to make. That’s how 4 years ago, I became a Recruiter to help professionals improve their careers and support leading businesses to find the best talent for their teams.

As far as I remember, I’ve always been in search of fun, meaning, and fulfillment in my work and my life. That’s why I evolved and became a Coach, to support others on their own professional fulfillment journey.

Today I help purpose-driven professionals who feel bored and unhappy in their jobs to follow the path of their hearts and dare to go for an inspiring career they love.

We all carry a unique potential that the world needs. When we are trapped in a job that leaves us depleted and uninspired, it means that something isn’t in alignment with who we truly are and what we have to give!

We spend too much time working to be miserable. I believe that we can all carve our path to more meaningful careers if only we dared to go for what our heart truly desires!

Curious to know more? Visit my website for more musings on how to create a fulfilling career: Dare your dream life




✨ Intuitive Coach & Holistic Business Mentor | Helping spiritual entrepreneurs to soar in business thanks to their intuition.

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Marion Elvina

Marion Elvina

✨ Intuitive Coach & Holistic Business Mentor | Helping spiritual entrepreneurs to soar in business thanks to their intuition.

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